This is a question that has been asked countless times in the tech community. So today lets dive into the main reasons why your computer is running so slow.

Note : Here we are going to talk about computer running windows operating system, For Mac computer, Please read Why my mac is so slow?

From pressing the power button on your laptop or computer to landing on your desktop screen ( Your wallpaper and icons) a computer goes through a series of process.

So in order to answer what is making your computer run slow,  We need to ask certain questions.

So, after asking these question i am assuming you have got a little idea where the problem lies, Now Let’s understand what’s causing the computer to slow down and how to fix it.


Q1: Computer taking a long time to boot up.

When the power button is pressed on the computer. Its goes through a series of process where it goes through the sequence of process like , finding the boot drive , locating windows files and loading them.

If your computer runs fine after it lands on the desktop then the problem is with the boot process. 

Please read How to fix slow computer boot up process.

This should fix the issue that you are facing, However we would advise reading the complete article.

Who doesn’t like a little extra speed? 😉

Q2: Computer Slow While Browsing The Internet.


Your computer starts fast, runs fast , everything is great but when you go online its a different story.

You  type a web address and it takes forever to load. 

This is usually caused due to slow internet connetivity.

Please read Why my internet is so slow?

Also read How to optimize your web browser for speed?

This article should fix the issue of slow internet connectivity from your computer.

Q3: Overall Slow Computer


You fixed your computer startup process, The internet speed is fine and still your computer is slow. Read on for tips on how you can fix your slow computer.

There are many other factors that can cause your computer to run slow. Let’s go step by step and try to fix them.

Your Computer is Running From A Long Time

Do you remember the last time you shut your computer down? No, i am not taking about putting your computer to sleep, I am taking about the complete shut down. If you this might be a good time to shut down your computer and let it relax for a bit.

Please read : How to turn off a computer?

If you aren’t sure please read Difference between Sleep, Hibernate And Power Off and how does it affect your computer speed and boot up process.

Your Computer Has a Virus or Malware

So, Your computer starts fast, However it slows down after you reach your desktop screen and when you try to open any program such as Microsoft office or a web browser it takes forever to load.

This is usually caused by a unwanted program or a malware running in the background which is taking all the computing power and causing the computer to run so slow.

Please read How to remove a virus from a computer.

This article should fix the problem that you are facing, However we recommend reading the complete article for complete optimization of your computer for speed.

Your computer has too much junk

As your computer runs different programs it accumulates temporary files in the %temp% folder of windows. After the work is done these files just sits there. Deleting them increases disk space and help improve computer speed.

Please read : How to delete temp files from a computer?

Deleting temp files would not dramatically increase computer speed however it does help improving the overall speed of a computer.

Your computer is running too many background process

This is one of the major factor that causes computer to run slow. When too many programs are running at the same time they take up a lot of computer resources such as processing power, disk space and ram.

Please Read : How to optimize computer background processes.

When you optimize your computer background processes, It will give room for your computer core process to breathe. Hence will significantly improve your computer performance and speed.

Your computer is too graphic intensive

Imagine trying to play a high graphic intensive game like Farcry 5 on your personal computer. Your computer will cry to death. Now in the same way if you are running windows 10 on a really old computer it wont be able to meet with its graphic requirements, Hence will run really slow.

Please read : How to optimize computer graphics for better speed.

Once you optimize your computer visuals. It will lower the ram requirements and hence will improve its speed.

Your computer is dirty and running on high tempratures

When was the last time you cleaned your computer? Don’t remember ? That could be one of the reason your computer is crawling right now. When a computer runs it produces heat, Which is then taken out by the fans running in your computer.

Ever noticed when you run a process hungry programs like a computer game or photoshop your computer starts making a lot of noise ? That is because your computer is trying to keep itself cool, And when there is too much dirt in your computer it will rise the overall temperature of your computer and in order to save itself from heat damage the computer components like processor, graphic card and ram will lower down its performance resulting in a slow computer. ( This process is known as Thermal Throttling )

Please read : How to clean your computer hardware.

Also read : How to keep your computer cool.

When you will clean your computer it will reduce the overall temperature which will result in your computer components running at their full potential hence increasing its overall speed.

Your computer hard drive is too fragmented

Imagine trying to find a book in a library where books are not in order or from a room full of books in no alphabetical order. Seems daunting ? In the same way when you download a file picture or a photo it gets stored on your hard drive, After a period of time when the data is deleted and written over and over again, It leads to fragmentation which reduces performance of your hard drive.

Please read How to Optimize your computer hard drive for better performace.

Once you complete this process, It should improve the performance of your hard drive resulting in increased speed of your computer. 

Your Computer Has Outdated Drivers

When was the last time you updated your computer drivers ? Never ? This could be one of the reason of a slow computer.

Device drivers are the way of your hardware to communicate with your computer operating system. If they are outdated it may result in reduced computer performance or total failure of system.

Please read : How to update computer drivers.

Once you have updated all the device driver you should notice an improved computer speed.

Your Computer has Outdated Windows

Windows roll out its updates on a regular basis which is important for its performance and speed. If you cant remember the last time you checked your windows update status, then it might be the reason your computer is running sluggish

Please read : How to update windows.

Updating your windows will help in your computer performace and speed. You can also consider to reinstall or  refresh windows for better performace.

Your Computer has Corrupted Registry

Windows system registry is a central database that stores and organizes information used to configure your computer. Whenever you are using your computer, windows is constantly accessing the registry to make sure everything can run.

Computer freezing up or slow performance of computer could be a result of corrupted registry

Please read : How to Repair Computer Registry

One your computer registry is optimized it will result in better computer performace.

Your Computer has A Faulty Hardware

After checking all the problems in the software part of your computer its time to get in the hardware mode.There are 4 main components of computer that contributes in computer speed and performance, i.e

  • Computer Processor
  • Hard Drive
  • Memory
  • GPU

 You can click on the links above to get a guide on how to find errors in each component and how to fix or replace them.

Your Computer Is Old

You have done everything but still your computer is slow. Then it could be your old computer that is not able to keep up with the new technology. So its time for an upgrade.

Please read : Things to consider before buying a new computer.

This guide will help you select a better performing computer that fits your needs.

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