The location of your Norton product key depends on the medium you purchased your product from, for example, If you bought your Norton antivirus from e-commerce sites like Amazon, You get 2 options Email Delivery Or Retail Card.

Find Norton Product Key Using Email

If You choose email delivery, your Norton product key can be found in the email that you received from Norton. If you cannot find the email you can try finding it in the spam folder.

Find Norton Product Key Using Retail Card

On the other hand if you choose retail card, then the product key is delivered to your door step in the form of a key card. You need to scratch the card to reveal the 25 digit alphanumeric product key. 

Find Norton Product Key Using Norton Account.

You can also find your Norton product key by signing into your Norton account.

  1. Go to your Norton Account
  2. Login Into your Norton account If you get a prompt to enter your details
  3. In My Subscriptions tab, you can find your Norton product key.

Getting Your Product Key From Your Service Provider.

ISP’s like Comcast offer their customer Norton Security free of cost. You can also get your norton product key by contacting your service provider. 

Note : If you need help with installation of Norton You can follow the complete installation guide here

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