Facing issues with your Norton security Or decided to change your antivirus or just trying to Reinstall it. Whatever the reason may be, Here is the complete guide to help you uninstall Norton from your computer. Alright lets go. Click these link below to skip according to your requirements.

Note: This guide only covers computer running on windows operating system,

Here is the guide for mac , iphone or ios , or android.

Uninstall Norton Using Norton Removal Tool (Recommended)

This is the best way to completely uninstall Norton from your computer. 

Go to this link 

The link will open in a different tab, come back to this window to follow further instructions.

Norton Removal Tool Landing Page

You will land on the Norton removal and reinstall webpage.

Click on Norton Remove And Reinstall Tool. A file named NRnR.exe will get downloaded in your computer downloads folder.

Run the file. You may get a windows prompt. Click On Yes.

Norton Removal Step 1

Now you will have a window that will look like this. After reading the Norton software tool usage agreement, Click on Agree button at the lower right hand corner.

Norton Uninstall Step 2

Click on Advanced Options

Norton Uninstall Step 3

Click on Remove Only

Norton Uninstallation Warning

Once you click on remove only you will receive a uninstall warning, Click on Remove

Uninstalling Norton

Wait for the process to complete.

Click on Restart Now

Option To Reinstall Norton

Congratulations, If you are on this screen then Norton security has been completely uninstalled from your computer.

If you want to install Norton with your product key you can click on Click here, as shown in the image aboveIt will guide you to the Norton installation page where you can reinstall Norton on your computer.

Please read our complete guide to setup Norton if you need help installing it here.

Uninstalling Norton Manually From Windows 7

Click on Start

Start Menu

Click on Control Panel

Click on uninstall a program under programs

Click on Norton security, Once you click on Norton security, you will notice an uninstall/change button above.

Click on Uninstall/Change

If you plan on reinstalling Norton again click on I plan to reinstall a Norton Product

Else click on Please remove all user data

Uninstalling Norton Security

Click on next.

After that it will take a moment to remove norton from your computer. 

Now, Restart Your Computer

Congraluations, Norton is now removed from your computer.

Uninstalling Norton Manually From Windows 10

Click Start Menu

Windows 10 settings

Click the gear icon

Windows 10 apps

Click on Apps

Uninstall Norton Windows 10

Look for Norton Security

Click Uninstall, Then Uninstall Again

Uninstall Preference

Uncheck get layered protection and click on Please remove all user data

Click Next

Now click on Restart Your Computer

Great you have uninstalled Norton Successfully. If you still face any issues you can always contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.


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How to Uninstall Norton? Complete Guide (2019)
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How to Uninstall Norton? Complete Guide (2019)
Facing issues with Norton? And Wondering How to Uninstall it?. Here is the guide that will help you uninstall Norton antivirus from your computer.
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